What I’ve Been Writing

Because we sure know it hasn’t been blog posts, right?

In fact, the answer is: nothing! It’s been such a long semester, you guys. So long. It’s my last, and for some reason my program shook out to have seven classes in the last term, including two electives that have a heavier workload than my actual core courses.

So unless you want to count HR case studies and transcriptions of dull letters from fictional sports complexes as writing, I’ve been doing sweet fuck-all for the past four months.

But! I still have some news that I’m pretty excited about. A short story I wrote last December, ‘Sage and Salt,’ will be out later this month in the upcoming Fantasy from the Rock anthology from Engen Books!

If you’re into introspective urban fantasy f/f about grief, demons, and the horrors of public transit during a St. John’s winter, you and your very specific interests are in luck!

Check out ‘Sage and Salt’ alongside 20 other stories from Canadian writers in Fantasy from the Rock later this month. The anthology launches on April 27th, and if you can’t make it then, stop by the Engen Books table at Sci-Fi on the Rock from the 28th to the 30th! You can also find me in the Sci-Fi on the Rock Artists Alley that weekend, and I maaaaay have a few copies available there myself. And if I don’t, I’ll still have a bunch of paintings, drawings, prints, zines, and stickers for you to look at!

Also, check out this recent interview where I admit to writing ‘Sage and Salt’ because I inexplicably hyped up its existence when it was just three lines I hated, and then I felt the need to write it so I could retcon that lie into a truth.


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